Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Way Past

Hi Carole,

An FPL guy was here, electric pole placement for Pinecrest Floods development still without drainage. Large ficus will go, might miss, uncertain about African Tulip tree, the parrots love it, would miss if were cutdown or out. Cool species of palm tree will stay.  Very old oaks replanted in front of flooding field, Pinecrest PLAce, didn't make it. IS so nuts, no drainage and with water rising from underneath. A wall holding all the water inside the luxury home plat, at least not spilling over the berm into our yard. Again, water rising from underneath ... . Anyway, the project manager who came looked like our past; cousin Robbie, his name Rob, too. I flashed with you at my side more than half a century ago — yesterday.

I called Fran, in RI, left a message, we small talk every few months, have not seen each in ages unlikely we will again. Poor Fran.

Robbie died about a year after you passed, age 56 or 57. He'd completed a genealogy that I never received, he must have known. I believe he left behind two college age children perhaps like yours at the time ... time ....

Love and hugs to you with your glimmer, and glint.

PS: Your former  professor, Frank  Bidart, has a poem in the New Yorker, Jan 23, 2017. You'd love it, Mourning What We Though We Were, a rise against Trump, the cover, too. Titled, At the Wheel by Barry Blitt, Sardonic.  Will try to capture and post. Ignorance, the poverty of mind amazing.

Current: from NYT


Trump Lashes Out as Approval Ratings Dip to Record Lows

President-elect Donald J. Trump will take office with less popular support than any new president in modern times, an array of polls show.

Earth Sets Temperature Record for 3rd Straight Year

  • It is the first time in the modern era of global warming data that temperatures have blown past the previous record three years in a row.
  • The data show that temperatures are heading toward levels that many believe will pose a profound threat to civilization.

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