Sunday, November 4, 2018

Wipe Out for Halloween Witch

Carole, did you ever have bronchitis?  Am thinking you had.

Can you believe we still don't have nationalized health and my very own daughter — an ER nurse — loves Trump so much she doesn't care???? Needless to say, our relationship approaches the superficial. 

Am still connecting to you on my older computer because I don't know how to hook this to the floods blog that I update on newer one. Daylight savings ended or began, this morning. And when the time cycle changes again, it will be a another hurricane season and I am so petrified!

Danny and Josh are doing well, Danny got his contract renewed for filming and leaves Houston in a few days. Josh is in the media business, too.

Hi Brethren. 

No writing class for me Tuesday, and possibly a nixed book club Friday. Rogue Witch Nana managed to catch bronchitis Halloween night.

You wouldn’t believe all the sweet, gorgeous, germy kids, hordes In Palmetto Bay, swashing up end down streets, BBQ’s every few blocks. 

Germs winged in a flash and then too sick to text, or open the computer, I plotzed into bed and didn’t move. Except potty trips with all that coughing and coughing. Exhausting. And amazing how quickly it spread, one hour trick or treating, the next overcome with something I couldn’t explain. 

Saturday, when finally texting my dear friend Sharon in New Mexico, Miss Sharon scared the waddens right out of me, saying the coughing and unusual CRACKLING sound indicated bronchitis possibly turning into pneumonia …."Get to a doctor, NO EXCUSES!!!"

Sharon was right on target. Sharon saved Witch Nana from miles away.

Baptist Urgent Care was / is the best: x-rays, strep and flu tests, doctors, nurses, technicians and meds all in one place.

Having insurance imperative, we need MEDICARE + Medicad, good PUBLIC health for everyone. Remember when voting this Tuesday. VOTE BLUE! 

Democratic. Medicare — public health — for everyone! 


Grandson William with Witch Nana 

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