Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Carole Gold Encrusted

Hi Carole,

I found the kid's book Celstial Matters writeen in 1995 ot thereabouts.   It was your tool teaching for me, showing me how to write. In the same file I found this, is a bit overdone but hey, a dream.

Gold encrusted

January 18, 2011.

Greyhound Mocha was barking to be let back in and I finally arose from bed yet it wasn’t my house I was in. The hallway was painted blue directly across from my bedroom door,  blue like the sea as children would color it,  and I saw two different doggies in the house in separate bedrooms. I did not recognize either.

Then I saw movement in the closet, a wiggle under something and you emerged from underneath blankets or silk sheets and you were beautiful as if costumed for a play, a harlequin of  glittering golden powdered seashell angled across your chin, up to the tip of your cheekbone, a diagonal to your neck with a loosely strung ivory chiffon ribboned bow like a boa, a necklace against you cotton shirt: a gift.  Your body was thin and lithe as if we were seventeen-years-old.  I pulled you into the light pouring in from the window, the sunlight streaming on you  to make sure you were real and we held each other, cradled in arms, I kissed your lips and we stood and stood and stood and I kept asking you,  staring at you, to make sure it was you with the sunlight against your face highlighting the shell glitter sparking while your eyes focused over my shoulder.

From those ashes scattered in Key West into my arms, a radiant youthful you bathed in sunlight on a new dawning day.

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