Monday, October 19, 2020

October 19, 2002 to October 19, 2020

 Hello my dearest Carole, 

It is that time of year again. Eighteen years of missing and longing.

On the upside, Josh and Danny are chugging along, More than chuggging!

Our Danny, Daniel Abril, made it into the Miami Short Film Festival. His short The Incredibly Short Life of Peter Panties is a finalist!

Images of Danny, October 2020. Selfies.

Actual link: <>

It is taking place on the Beach next month, and he so wants us there, And I want to be there but am so frightened by Covid that we're passing. And that hurts.  

Being old in the time of Covid is mind shifting. Our adult kids are not affected as we are, and as they cautiously go  about their lives, we are near mute. I am anyway.

For us, it's a different universe. A sad and depressing one.

Sam had, and recovered, says he's 95 % back.

Nurse Celeste had, says she is fine.

Josh and Danny perhaps asymptomatic.

So far Curt and I are seemingly clear. But I am listless 24\7. The term coined "Covid fatigue." A fatigue like a pervasive exhaustion that sucks the energy right out of you.

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