Thursday, October 20, 2016

Oct 20 2016

Early morning
Profound loss and its yearning

WE were together in dreams, supposed to meet someplace at 3 PM but I was delayed looking for parking and a bottle of wine, wine I know little about yet searching boutique deli stores on dug up streets realizing was late and you drove up to find me in a 1950ish Buick with a buffed silver hood hood, painted to look that way, maybe silver like clouds ... you wore a sweater top and pants, dijon mustardy color, looked great on you even as off to me — maybe dijon to go with wine at outside cafe? — you warm and cuddly and thin and we hugged and hugged outside because you'd found me looking for my car and we hugged-cuddled more and more when you stepped out of the driver's seat, (others, too, in back?) and you were thin and looked lovely and we snuggled in the plush warmth of each others arms before we were no longer there.

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