Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Yom Kippur, 2016

Hello my Carole,

Eyes on your picture on the fireplace mantle. Loving and missing.

Sam with Will, 5, and Celeste with Miguel, 12, the great-nephews you never met were here Monday, condensed High Holidays into one night in-between.  Plus Curt and I.  Josh and Danny both away, hope they'll be here in December, Hanukkah and Christmas together this year.

I'd set the table with real plates and a nice cloth without mentioning the occasion  and Miguel asked if this was the holiday for the shofar. William asked what a shofar was I skipped the whole megillah,  saying it was the Jewish New Year and in old-fashioned times there were no party blowers like nowadays and people used shofars instead. The kids blew and blew.

Hurricane Matthew missed, thank the cosmos, maybe you out there, too.

Oven just beeped for frozen dinner pizza on Yom Kippur. Treat of the day was babysitting William here, no school.  We had so much fun, made banana splits, his first. Played pirates, he did space puzzle practically by himself, 100 pieces! Ate and laughed.

Image: PUMPKIN cookie with shofar
Miguel and William, October 2016.

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