Wednesday, October 19, 2016

October 19, 2016, my dear sister ...

Hi my love,

Your, our, boys were here last night, Josh from his Spain sojourn, Danny from Houston, both back to Houston for work there. They'll be in Miami for December holidays, Hanukkah and Christmas together this year.

Was wonderful, unexpected visit. Sam with Will, 5, Josh and Danny, and Curt. Celeste and Miguel, 12, couldn’t make it ….missed them.

And always, forever missing you.

Danny is so talented, had no clue, he in a 1930’s James Cagney voice played with William all night, motions and words like SNL skits, hilarious! Taught rhythm and some piano, too. Stinted dead bear! Ran around outside with doggie Britney joining in.

Have pics to post, not sure how, in other computer. Ah, figured out!!! Good sister.

Carole, on your yahrzeit.  Fourteen years without you.

Our kids grew up, during and while,

the ache of your absence remains.

Love, Hope

Images below from October 18, 2016 at this Nana's house.

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