Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Speaking in Colors

My sister spoke to me this morning, silently in colors. “Quit stalling, stop goofing off —get back to our book!” She said this through the switches that control our workstation.

Two electrical outlets charge my computer, one for the DSL and my computer, and the other for the printers and the hub.

Monday, Memorial Day, my husband turned off the computers but forgot the buttons; red and green knobbies glared yesterday morning. The modem, having been all day and night was warm. I’d scowled.

Last night I closed down, waited for the monitors to click off, flipped two switches and went to bed.

This morning the buttons glowed and modem was not warm. It had not been on during the night. My husband did not turn the computers on before leaving for work. I had not left them on.

My sister’s visit.