Saturday, April 23, 2016

Sentience, April 2016

Hi Carole,

Dreaming still.

Does that imply sentience and/or in a life yet undefined?

Thought from feeling, feeling from thought.

This 2009 Apple computer isn't quite right, literally.

Or maybe it is Google with its algorithms,

or the red truck with its leaking radiator.

Or the full Pesach moon without its Seder and you.


Passover,  Second Night

Setting sun. Stone crabs ~ oh my goodness, shellfish, divine!!!~ From Celeste, early Mother's Day, late Pesach. Scrumptious.

Curt and I on the patio, fantastic! I imagine you, your gaiety with us.

Sam stopped by to check part for red truck.

Hoping Josh and Danny will make it Wednesday with Celeste and Sam, plus grandkids Miguel and William.



12:28 Sunday morning ....  a Prince Tribute on SNL ~~~~~ 0h CArole!