Monday, April 22, 2019

Passover 2019

Miguel and William

Was grand with grandsons, first time reciting and reading together. We  skimmed through the Peach Haggadah, made it to the plagues and four questions, grape juice and wine ... then on to Celeste's undercooked carrots, my burned basket and Josh's sensational Key Lime pie.

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Josh's Key Lime pie

Camera shy Celeste, here's one from Hanukkah. 2018

Surprises!!!! March 29, 2019

Below: A smidgen of Celeste. January, 2019, William's 8th birthday. Taken with my broken camera.

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Passover 2019

Hi my sweetheart. so missing...tears streaming.

Attempting a brisket tomorrow, think Josh will be here, Danny not, will be in town from Houston soon.  Sam and William and Celeste and Miguel and dear Curt.

CArole, Curt and I married 29 years in July ...

The last 17 without you, how can that be??