Saturday, March 24, 2018

Students Lead Huge Rallies for Gun Control Across U.S.

Hi Carole, header above from NYT ... received my replacement computer from Apple a few month ago and will attempt to do this blog and Pinecrest Floods, from the newer one .... I get confused accessing different blogs, so had used this older one, circa 2009,  for us and the other for Pinecrest Floods ...

Students Lead Huge Rallies for Gun Control Across U.S.

  • Hundreds of thousands of protesters, outraged by a recent school shooting and energized by the student survivors, gathered in Washington to call for an end to gun violence.
  • More than 800 protests are planned in every American state and on every continent except for Antarctica. Follow our live coverage.

A side note ±

Carole ...

PS: I took 7-yr-old grandson, William,  to Toy R Us yesterday for Skylanders creatures ... a video interactive game he plays on Miguel's old Xbox.

Historic because Toy R Us is liquidating, all stores going out of business, bankrupt. Sad.

I filed the receipt and some toy packaging in my hope chest — a time capsule.

PPS: Craig's tree spirit is still fastened on the sea grape tree ... hung perhaps 15 years ago, a year or 18 months after you died, a spirit to you, from him and to Curt and I.  Carole, you are with me everyday day ...

PPSS:  Seemingly our last bit of cold weather ending ... will be heating up and then into another storm / hurricane/ flooding / hurricane season ... am scared beyond.