Thursday, February 28, 2019

February 28, 2019. Thursday, no leap for the Norse god of Thunder

Hi Carole,

It's been a excuses except that I still haven't transferred access of this blog to more recent computer, the newer MAC with sign in to Pinecrest Floods.  Hope this 10-year-old desktop keeps going!

Your kids are fine, Josh doing media management for videos, Danny in Houston working on a long term video shoot.

Danny made another short of his own, got the concept while in Cannes a few ago.  Is his poem, others did the voice over and graphics. IS creepy excellent; about a pedophile— makes your shoulders shiver and your gut quiver.   The Incredible Short Life of Peter Panties captures that cruddy nastiness superbly.

Ouch .... along with New York Times header: Former Cardinal Expelled as Pope Confronts Abuse  / Rare Step by Vatican...

I truly don't know how rare all this sordid behavior is — this thunder and riot: its clatter and chaos.

Our current president a confirmed mobster, crook and racist. Families separated, we having lived with ;;;; .....


Tuesday was colonoscopy day for me—actually sigmoid— same procedure every two years, and time after time I say never again...I seem to be hanging in there ... am back to getting meds from India, even on Medicare am priced out of gut pills in USA... crazy. Mesalamine tablets, $100 a month from India, $1,200 in USA, I'll go through Medicare deductible lickety split ... may have already... also, same drug in different delivery system, up-the-butt as enemas, $167 from India, $600 in USA.  CT scan showed a hernia from surgery years ago,  my small intestine popped out----- gross ...I  pushed it back in.  No worries about large one doing the alien thing, it isn't there...

🐶oh, WOW this older computer has emojis, symbols to add pizazz—💝💘💚💛💖💗💓💞💕❣️💔

Latest Trump rampage

After Michael Cohen's open Senate hearing yesterday ...
 NYT —Update: this afternoon.


Trump Ordered Officials to Give Jared Kushner a Security Clearance

  • President Trump overruled concerns from intelligence officials and the top White House lawyer about giving his son-in-law access to sensitive information, four people briefed on the matter said.
  • The disclosure contradicts statements Mr. Trump made in January to The Times in an Oval Office interview.