Thursday, January 3, 2019

2019, your birthday, January 3

HI CArole, it is January 3, your birthday.

Had 7-yr-old grandson William for the night, Xmas vacation --- morning of your birthday now, making French toast for breakfast.

Doggie, Britney, won't move her head as I write, her presence impeding, blocking my feet from the computer station.

Curt is hitting the shower for work, I'll be making his lunch, William glued to Minecraft in the next room.

And it is January 3, your birthday...And now it is January 3, your 69. me 70, that calendar time of year ...

Seemingly another day, except you are not here.

And later yet,

After he bored of Minecraft, William and I had wonderful payday, he beat me at every game of Connect 4 ...