Thursday, May 10, 2018

May 10, 2018

Hi Carole, May 10 must have been a Mother's Day during our years together because I dreamed of your flouncing, presenting a bouquet of flowers the way you used to do, an outstretched arm full of colors, your  smile beatific and broad across your face. Along with your ebullient rich brown eyes, radiant.

I hit the 70-year-old mark without you, who could have ever imagined either?

Still in my older computer, have a nice image of Curt and I at South Pointe Park on Miami Beach ... not sure how to transfer it.

OK, I emailed it, can't drag from email into blog so dragged to desk top and will import ... we shall see ... it worked!

Will add pic of Danny taken 2 days ago, he' s back from filming in Houston. TX.  He rode an electric / battery like over. I was so happy to see him! Danny is off to Europe next week with gf Elena, Josh, and Giselle, a graduation present to her.  Unsure of their exact plans, not sure if they know!

Can't add captions to Danny's images taken May 3. 2018.

The family is coming over Saturday,  May 12. Maybe more pictures then.

May 12 also our mother's yahrzeit, perhaps five years after your passing.

And so it goes.

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