Monday, August 6, 2012

WE in Cathode Blue

Dream Aug 6, 2012

Sitting in a chair-desk with wheels at your Lugo home, Mom had typed instructions for an unidentified gismo. When finished, I suggested that she post on YouTube as it might benefit others. Oh NO, she couldn’t do that. It was hers; she wouldn’t budge. Wanting to show her YouTube, I went over to the TV screen, but the room light was reflecting on it, glaring any image. Mom had refused to move even a few feet to see, so Curt attempted to adjust screen for her. The monitor was our big cathode TV, like the TIVO he actually made. Trying to appease her, he slid it near the edge of the shelf. Finally Mom wiggled her butt in the chair for a look. I picked up the keyboard to type in address, only to discover the keyboard was actually the control console for a kid's game — molded plastic, bright blue with the letters W and E and flowers in neon orange. I showed it you and we laughed together.

PS: Curiousity Rover landed on Mars today ...