Monday, May 15, 2017

Mother's Day, day after 2017

Hi my love, my forever schwester, always missing you, remembering .... you with flowers for us.

Spoke with your boys, our boys, Danny mostly on the day, he called from Galveston, working on a TV series, should be back in Miami in few weeks for a short time, has free hotel points, wants to travel world, some of it, then back to Houston for work. Is a fine job for him.

Josh today, he's still writing, has received good feedback.

William had first sleepover Saturday night, was grand. Sam made pancakes Sunday morning, needed to deliver William to his mother for the day.  Celeste sent stone crabs for Hanukkah on Mother's Day, a fantastic treat, so yummy. In season now ....

I donated our Mother's wedding china to Goodwill today, someone will appreciate the set, I never used, and finally no longer felt obligated to keep.  Kids passed on china, not their thing, children don't want that sort of stuff anymore.  Have so much decluttering to do, a houseful.

Continue attempting our book, still angst writing it, even with speculative added .... the sections on Mom are a hoot, the gift she left us — copy for our manuscript.