Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Hey, Carole

Love you and so missing you .... keeping forgetting how to sign in, google knows, had birthday candles.  Can you imagine the billions of people born today, all seeing candles???

Big tiff between youtube and google, more artificial intelligence ...  social marketing, ads, fake news, revenue stream, the goings-on after your time but the same greed.

AI propagating itself, showing its hand getting schmuckola into white house, lower case on purpose. Schmuckola there and we are so screwed. Bots, cybots, hacked!

More developed than Watergate.

Not to mention climate change.

Gave grandson Miguel a copy of Brave New World, hope he reads, will be 13 yrs-old in a few weeks.

Have a blurred pic from Monday with near teen Miguel, adorable six-yr-old William and old farty Nana. Gotta figure how to transfer from other computer ... not i-clouded, or whatever the word.  Missed Josh and Danny, they were working, not a biggie, the dirty one, 69 ...  true dirty, heartbreaking grime is not having you at my side.