Sunday, September 1, 2019

Labor Day 2019

Hi Carole,

Your Dr. Marmesh D.V.M. came into our lives, the vet you adored, who took care of your pets...Danny got Curt there with greyhound Britney, she cutting her foot/toe while the crew was putting up storm shutters... Sam, Joshua, Danny and friend Chris. How grand of all to show up, I was stunned!

Shutters for Hurricane barreling close bu, missing us, decimating the Bahamas: Abaco with winds of 180 the charts holding there for next 36 hours, speed 8 miles per hour. 913 milibars, huge eye. (As of 11 am Sunday. Sept 1, 2019)

Our vet closed Saturday afternoon, Curt and Danny first went to animal hospital; both got bad vibes, Danny remembered vet in the Grove... in they went — Danny parking at his place after dropping Curt and dog parking, super scarce... and walking back.

Short story, pooch treated, bandaged, tested, hook worm meds, antibiotics, penicillin shot and pills for home, fee affordable, a gift .. unheard of.... we so worried and concerned...

A miracle.