Saturday, November 30, 2013


In a dream you and Madeleine were talking on the phone and I picked up an extension, a 3-way call, you chatting about painting the floor borders of the room in a light bamboo yellow and how happy you were to have your house back and I was telling you how thrilled I was for you, too, except you couldn’t hear me even as I was listening in perfectly.

In real time we had a Hanukkah party at temple last night, services lead by Max, the Elliott’s grandson; he’ll graduate college this year. We bought menorah’s to light. I had yours, and I swear as soon as the candles were lit you appeared, jubilant, behind the candles with that broad, hearty smile of yours, your chocolate almond eyes gleeful.  I cried and cried, hoping no one saw, an allergy or perhaps a sudden cold of which I had neither.

We are celebrating Hanukkah here tonight, Saturday, November 30, and I am with you, now and always.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Together again

Hi Carole, we were with each other last night, I wrote down the dream and now can't find it, yet am sure we were whole and fleshy in dream about the ordinary, so close I could smell you, feel the heat of your body.