Friday, August 25, 2017

Yellow paramecium scarf

HI CArole,

Dreaming of you lots, working on our book, hopefully to finish before I die.  Sometimes I think you are deliberately holding me up,  putting ideas in my head, suggestions for development, you'd do in a flat second, not me — is a labor of love trying regardless.

Last night I dreamed we were having a garage sale together, the yard undeterminable.  I didn't break down until I saw your yellow paramecium scarf .... a silk square of mellow yellow with tiny red or maybe sea/ algae green paramecium — same color of a dress you'd had — paramecium  on a floaty static background.

PS: Yesterday marked 25 years since Hurricane Andrew, the vision of you, hanging onto the wrought iron railings on the the front porch, your clothes blowing ... a Gone With the Wind image...yesterday.

Sept 7, 2017

And NOW, 25 years and two weeks later, Hurricane Irma is upon us, we will get a direct hit, and are way underinsured. Love you forever, and ever, come what may.