Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Books and Books

Hi Schwestie,  Elizabeth Alexander streamed live from Books and Books, and after listening, hearing — I dreamed of you all night, touched you, we touched, with children, ours.  Were outside, lots of tree leaves, very green.

Alexander was nominated for Pulitzer in Poetry, her language superb.  You'd appreciate too, am sure. In her mindstate of sudden loss, her husband, she talked about Rilke. I am so occupied with Pinecrest Floods crap, haven't had time for us. Amazing what big shots can get away with, as if we didn't know!

Did I mention Pinecrest Bans Sumpland?  Oh Carole, the sheer idiocy of denial, here there and everywhere.  Wrote a prose piece and submitted. The Water and Its Clout.  If not published, will post.

Love you always and beyond.