Monday, March 23, 2020

Love in the Time of Coronavirus

Hi Carole,

Perhaps more ickiness than love, frightening.  A break with streaming from the MET Eugene Onegin. Superb opera!!!!

Positively crazy times here, topsy-turvey. Your kids OK ... 

From, relating to test to prove string theory:

Axion particles are believed to have incredibly low masses, potentially ranging from a millionth of the mass of an electron down to zero mass. The team also looked for signs of "axion-like particles," which are a broader class of ultra-low-mass particles with similar properties to axions, according to the statement. 

Additionally, these ultra-low-mass particles may sometimes convert into photons — the particles that make up light — when they pass through magnetic fields. In turn, photons may also convert into axions under certain conditions. Both scenarios depend on the mass of the particles and how easily they can make the conversion, also known as convertibility, according to the statement. 

Love you.