Saturday, June 23, 2018

June 23, 2018 — Max Bruch

Violin Concerto Number One in G Minor conducted By Josh Bell.... exquisite, have no clue what G Minor means, how many *minors" there actually are, but announcer said, and you would have understood. Thought of you and cried.

Called Snooky yesterday out of the blue, thanked him for being nice to us when we were kids, he and Aunt Arlene picking us up from Nana Sophie's and taking us to Narraganset Beach. Snooky is now 84 ... guess I am catching up on unfinished business. He had been kind, pulling up in front of Nana's with his new T-Bird ... a convertible!

Thought of you in part because Sam and Wizardry William, age 7, are here for hot showers and suppers ... plumbing issue at his house, Sam's working on.

William is so adorable ... sweet,

as you and I must have been— you and I then chiRpY together —

half-a-century past ...  six decades since ...  more than sixty years ago ...

chiRpY enchantment.