Sunday, September 27, 2020

Yom Kippur, 2020

Oh Carole, tonight is Yom Kippur and I forgot, that's how crazy things are here with Covid. And politics. 

We remember all who came before and I am missing you terribly. 

Sam and Will are stopping by for pizza tonight, very last minute. 

I just texted Danny. From South Beach he wrote back "we were lucky to have her [you] for the time that we did." Oh, Carole tears welling down my cheeks. 

Celeste could make it Friday, so we will have the kids here then, for pizza outside... Josh, Danny, Sam, William, Celeste and am so hoping Miguel, too. Plus me, Hope, and Curt. We've shrunk! 

A reworking of the High Holidays this Friday with pizza on the patio outside: terrace dining. HA!

And you my dear sister, with me - all of us -  forever.

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